The New York State Sociological Association

The 2011 meeting of the New York State Sociological Association (NYSSA) will be held on the Siena College campus October 14-15.  This is an opportunity to share your professional work with colleagues from colleges across New York State.  We welcome presentations on innovative teaching techniques.  We also hope to show original films about social issues. NYSSA has always encouraged participation by graduate and undergraduate students. To submit on a paper or register for the conference, please select the pages from the navigation bar above.

Keynote Speaker:  Friday night’s keynote speaker will be Dr. James W. Loewen, the acclaimed author of Lies My Teacher Told Me and several other books.  Loewen holds the Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University and taught for twenty years at the University of Vermont.  His special interest is the teaching of history in American schools.  He has traveled the country giving public lectures and workshops for teachers, demonstrating techniques they can use to counteract the misinformation and lack of coverage given to Native Americans, African Americans, women, the labor movement, and other marginalized groups.  In addition, he has testified as an expert witness in more than 50 legal cases involving civil rights, voting rights, and employment discrimination.  In keeping with the conference theme of “Putting Sociology to Work,” his keynote address is titled, “”Using Sociology to Push Back.”  A complete biography and bibliography can be found at http://sundown.afro.illinois.edu/ 

The New York State Sociological Association (NYSSA) is dedicated to providing a space for sociologists, and those interested in sociology, to present their work and exchange ideas.  NYSSA is democratically organized according to principles of consensus. Membership dues cover the cost of our meetings and vary year to year according to these costs.  We welcome academics, professionals, students and other interested parties to be a part of our organization.

NYSSA also sponsors an on-line journal: The New York Sociologist.


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